Over Information, Lack of Attention

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Information uses people attention. An over dose of information creates poor attention and the need to share this attention between all the many sources that use it.

Over information is a distraction strategy. In an over informed world it is easier to get people's tolerance towards injustice or violence. Once the mind get used to watching all kinds of atrocities, the brain won't react as much as it should and it just let go without resistance.

But the worst effect of all is that over information causes a lack of attention and dispersion from the things that do really interest you.

Unplug from television

And unplug from latest news, we are bombarded with news, but we don't need to watch it all to keep up. We are also bombarded with ads and violence in films. This over dose of information has two main effects:
  • Distraction
  • Consumerism
Small children are plugged into television too early, then television takes the place of imagination and just playing.

Do you have negative thoughts?

Then try this:
  • Unplug from rage and violence in films.
  • Unplug from tv horror and sadness programs.
  • Start your day always with a thanking thought.
  • Embrace your family and loved ones more.
  • Watch your conversations with yourself and others.
Watch out if most of the time television takes the place of conversation, or conversation is about television most of the time.

How do you use the Internet

Another instrument of over information is the Internet, there are millions of people now connected through computers and smartphones every where. We are in a new era of communication and this is really good because it gives you wonderful opportunities to play, make money and create, more than ever before. So this freedom of information is really wonderful!

On the other side we are also victims of over information if we don't have the right habits. If we are hooked to the Internet while we eat, travel of enjoy holidays. Or if we need to read emails ten times a day.
It is better to be in real nature rather than watch a Youtube video on wild life, it is better to go and drink a coffee with a friend than like his picture 10 times in Facebook.
Most of information on the Internet is free and we think it is always true, "I read this and this on a web site the other day and watched the videos so it must be true".
There is an over dose of reading and watching videos on the Internet, if you do that too much what happens? Distraction and dispersion take place and you miss so many good things!
It all depends on how you use the Internet.

Overcome over information by enjoying your own life more

All those news, films and ads are the stories of others, do you realize? They are taking away the time to live your own life.
All those disasters or stories are not your own: you should care about your own things and enjoy your own life more, so don't forget that over information is living the life of others.
There are people who write history and there are people who read history. So be the master of your life ans write your own history now.
Enjoy, there is so much to be thankful for and so much to do. But you need to feed your spirit from the right sources which is all that is positive, beautiful, makes your life easier and brings you joy. Think about that.
Spread good feelings and positive thinking around you and it will come back to you ten fold.
Let go of every weight, specially those who are not even yours, and that will make your whole life better and make you step into higher ground.


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