Too Much Taxes on Your Savings

Monday, October 28, 2013
Do you know how much you are taxed on your savings?
If you are looking for financial freedom it's the time to watch new laws about taxes passing through.
Just look through all your investments and check for new possibilities, do not hesitate to surf on better waters, as Warren Buffet says: "if you ever find yourself on a sinking boat, the energy to change boats is more productive than the energy to fill the holes".
New laws are passing now here in Europe and taxes are booming everywhere, how can you adapt to all that?  This is the Robin Hood syndrome!

But the situation is delicate and it is difficult to predict what's going to happen and that makes this moment a very interesting and intense one!


  • Debt has never been so big.
  • The price of money is very low.
  • Taxes are not effective anymore because of the Laffer effect, which explains why too much taxes will get no income tax at 100%, because there is no incentive to earn income.
  • The assets level is artificially high.
  • The developed countries are all going through a similar situation.
  • The Euro unbalance does not allow countries to recover.
  • Because of some foolish laws which are making that part of capital, ideas and entrepreneurs are going away and how many will get back?

So, if you are getting too much taxes on your savings, what to do?

  • Get assets for essential values at a fair price.
  • Develop your self, you are your biggest asset.
  • Be prepared to buy assets at a good price when panic hits and prices fall.
  • Keep open to opportunities, keep mobile.
  • You may create a new activity in another country.

Keep calm

Yes, panic is the worst thing, really,  you need to stay cool and calm to handle this situation for the best, and it will be your very best indeed.

Real estate is, for me now, too expensive at least in some areas.

This does not mean not to invest (good profit is always a good profit) but prepare for a medium-term capital loss and be very selective about the choice of the property.

Prefer the security of international companies with a competitive advantage rather than companies depending on the state or the financial market.

Do not fall into panic by converting your entire patrimony to gold or silver, but rather study your actions and get financial wisdom to not get too much taxes on your savings and invest on the best products.

Leading Yourself: You Are Your Best Teammate

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
When you feel good about yourself everything is easier. Your ideas flow freely and you have creativity.
It seems that creativity needs a good environment to grow, it seems to come when we are focused and we are in balance, when things go well.

But life presents swings, those times when we need to provide more resources, to put more into it and give more of ourselves to overcome obstacles and prove our worth.

How do you react when things do not go as you want?

As the old proverb says:
He who controls his spirit is stronger than he who takes a city.
And this is the biggest test of all: to look deep in the mirror and see what relationship do you have with yourself.

If you want to achieve great things then you've got to be able to act when you do not feel like it or when things are not going well.

  • When you take care of yourself leading the conversations within yourself and knowing that to criticize or complain inside your mind is dangerous because the brain can only concentrate on one thing at a time, and you know you need all your capacities to seize the best opportunities.
  • When you're leading yourself you have prepared the necessary actions to manage emergency situations.
  • When you're leading yourself you accept the criticism and try to learn from it without anger, without turning back to crush the enemy, because you recognize that if you are criticized it is because you are impacting people.
  • When you're leading yourself accept praise without ever troubling your sight, just give thanks and keep on going.
  • When you're leading yourself you have a plan, you have goals and a vision to fulfill.
  • You've got ideas that are out of the routine and do not allow the system to run your destiny. You behold this world as a wonderful place, a place full of mystery and beauty that moves, lives and experiences , rather than seeing it as na hostile and full of injustice place where you can only protest or complain.
  • When you're leading yourself you've got the power of anticipation and believe in your ability to create your future because only you have full responsibility for your present, taking the necessary decisions about your life now.
  • When you're leading yourself you are acting now, because you recognize the value of an opportunity.

Watch your thoughts, directs your intentions

Our mind "speaks" constantly, it's like a continuous stream of ideas - words that runs through our mental screen. We have to monitor the source of these ideas, whether it is television and newspapers and all the information circulating on the Internet, what do we tell to our brain ?

It is clear that we have to keep up with what is going on, but we must filter all that information and minimize the input to the essentials.

It is the only way to have enough room to listen to your inner voice, or intuition, which represents the true guide in your life.

If you allow the media and the Internet to take up all your space, then they will be your leader.


Intention are the first ideas that feed your brain when you are going to perform an act, that's why it is so important to monitor them.

And when you undertake something, examine your intention.

One idea is like a seed, is the first idea that drives you to take action. According to your intention, so will the result be.

As I wrote about saving for your financial freedom and the creation of an emergency fund in case of need, where you are creating a savings plan focused on the need, and that is precisely what you are attracting with this intention : the need, something that works against you.

Saving would be like loosing rather than save to create money.

In this case it is better to decide to save to invest or to save for a project, something you want and it will return to you.

It's like creating a blog, I created to share all the information about financial freedom and encourage people to get out of economic problems.

Money coaches are in the trends now, and they will charge you many dollars for an hour of consultation, well, just start reading all this free information that will pave the way for you to learn to manage your money and achieve your goals.

A large part of this web site is dedicated to personal development, and that because it is that something is related to the other: inner wealth is the first intention to manifesting abundance and balance in your life.

And you, what do you think ?

Save for your Financial Freedom

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
You have surely heard it said: save money for the lean times, save for the bad days, or save for the rainy
Even I myself have written enough about creating an emergency fund to deal with any problems or immediate
But in this way we are turning the act of saving in a projection of loss, I mean that it is like saying, Save
now to lose it all later.

While it is prudent to start a savings plan for prevention, this should not be the only goal.
The road to financial freedom has to be a way that makes you enjoy, that changes your scheme of scarcity by a

State of abundance, is a way of learning and training yourself and is very exciting to know that every dollar that you save or invest works for your freedom.

Save to create money

To win you need to take some risk, provided that it is a smart and calculated risk, obviously.
A part of your income or your savings could be for a risk's controlled project as shares in stock market (if

you know what you are doing and do not invest money that you can not loose).
Because I think that the more constructive thing you can do to generate revenue is to take action.

Just think, what can I do to create money today?
Just focus on the only thing that you have in hand: the present moment. Do not sink with concerns about the future when the only thing you can change is today, think on what actions you can take today.

Save for a project

The most important project is to save for your financial freedom, this is what will help you to manage all the other projects in your life, because when you have financial independence then you can decide for yourself about what is really important.

Don't forget that biggest investment it's yourself, you are the potential you're most interested to build
already by learning or implementing your projects. This positive attitude will make you believe in you,
because you are the source of your money.

If your action today is to save for financial freedom, study the financial product you have chosen,
performance, taxation, availability, cost, etc.. And if you find something better, please do not hesitate to
change it soon.
In short, it is all about saving to build, create, or for any project that motivates you and do not think of
saving as a cure for disaster.
It is important to rectify the intention and that is positive from the beginning, as it is the only way to
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