Finishing One Thing at a Time

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Finishing one thing at a time is a virtue, as you work kind of block by block towards the construction of a bigger building. I have a bunch of dear old projects and my "to do" list was growing too big.
There is only one way to get things done:
  • Set your priorities
  • Work on one thing at a time

I was kind of overwhelmed these last times and couldn't keep the pace with all so many wonderful things I've got in my mind willing to manifest in our real world, but I've just decided to:
  1. Finish my first eBook (written in Spanish)
  2. Go on to work on my web sites
  3. Look for better professional opportunities

It took me nine months to write a 90 pages book, but it wasn't the only thing I was doing, so to set my priorities right I had to decide what was more important and leave the other things to finish them later.

Some times the most important things are the foundation of others, they kind of rely on it. Or they are just an important step for you to climb higher.

Multiprocessing things

But when your mind is really in a creative state, there is a kind of multiprocessing phenomena that takes
Finish one thing at a time
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place, and when you are working on one idea in a very concentrated way there just: boom! another one pops up. Just because one idea acts as an inspiration for a new one.
 This is a real quality and a gift that we need to learn to handle and organize it. This takes real discipline at the very moment, because our human trend is to jump to the new rainbow and explore the new heaven right away.
What I usually do is to jot down quickly the sketch of the new idea or the basis of it, so I just can keep "calm" to work on my current one.
Because for the practical manifestation of what you've created you need to finish one thing at a time, once you've finished you can check it as "done", which will give you a great satisfaction.
But if you've got too many open fronts, too many activities going on at the same time your efforts will be dissolved and you'll be less effective and you will end up with nothing in your hands.
Personal power is taking action and responsibility and only by finishing one thing at a time you will get things done.
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