I Need a Job Change

Monday, July 15, 2013
I am looking for a new job, I want a job change. Sometimes you don’t know when to shift and change or when to stick and stay. It all comes mostly from your inner heart.

Here are some good reasons to change jobs:
  • You are not learning.
  • You can not give ideas nor take initiatives.
  • Your work is routine, almost industrial.
  • Your salary is well below the average.
  • It’s been a long time since you had a salary increase.

Work to learn

We are in a new era, the era of communication and progress. Before it was enough to do what you were told and that was it.

But working only to run the race to see who does it better and faster, is not the solution.

Someone will do it better and faster than you.

There is only one way to do things and it is to do them better and for this we must analyze the process and change what it is necessary.

This act can only be done if we share our ideas, if we listen to the ideas of others and talk about ours.

You need to learn.

Being in a job that will not let you learn will make you lose time, and in the end even your job! Learning does not necessarily mean going for a training or courses.

You can learn from the process and it is therefore necessary that the information flow.

The salary

The salary is not always an indication that you are in the best job for you. You may have a good salary but you're wasting time because of stagnation.

While a raise should go with the fact that you are in a place that makes you progress.

If you stagnate and your salary is well below average, start to looking for a new job and change things now!

Motivation to Get Out of Debts

Thursday, July 4, 2013
One year ago I started writing this blog about financial freedom.
Until that moment I looked at the state of my accounts, just waiting to get my bank counselor's call towards the end of the month to warn me that I had an important overdraft and I had to do something about it.

In one of the interviews with my counselor she convinced me to ask for a new credit to pay the one I already had to cover the overdraft and with the rest I could buy me some extra things.

Obviously this was a big mistake that I'm still paying for.

Instead of increasing credit costs that had to be reduced, I should had put some money aside to lower the debt.

Besides this error, I also asked for other small loans to pay the continuous overdraft.

There you have the vicious circle: you spend, you go into debt, you feel guilty and back again.

Well, this created a huge snowball debt and at that point I started looking for inspiration to get out of trouble.

Seeking financial peace

The first was start putting things in order.

Reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad gave me great motivation to take my finances in my own hands.

Here are some of the basic ideas I've learned from the book:

  • Being independent and not to rely on the government or your boss. Some people now are asking themselves whether they'll get a retirement pension here in Europe. It is wiser to have some snap to always be financially independent anyway.
  • Make the difference between good debt and bad debt: good debt is used to invest. Bad debts are those contracted to buy consumer goods or to buy a car.
  • Learn personal finances: knowing how to manage money and know what your bank do with your money.
  • Having assets that generate income, or invest in real estate.
  • Work to learn, not for money.
  • Know who you need to talk to. If you want to invest in a domain, look for the right person (the agent, banker), which has already taken this step. Do not go through a broker who does not have the perspective of an investor.

Motivation to solve financial problems

To transform these parts of our lives that have become routines we need motivation.

That is why it is best to start small, with small gestures that will help us learn new habits and see the results that encourage us to move forward.

Of course, if you are 100% motivated, go on!

No need to be an expert in finances or taxes to begin with these changes.

Kiyosaki gives very simple ideas talking about passive income and how to get assets to generate them:
  1. Buy or create passive income generating assets.
  2. Every dollar saved and invested is a dollar that works for you.
  3. Financial freedom is achieved when your passive income is at or above your salary.

What you do not learn in school

School is only a training center for future employees.

I think he's right, because that is where they begin to create the robotic race individuals.

On the other hand it is clear that we need advanced education, particularly regarding  money, something we've never learned in school and sometimes economic problems help us see that we have to change things.

What do you think?

SEO Experts will Make you Loose Money

Monday, July 1, 2013
If you're starting a new web site because you want to boost your business or build your personal brand or reputation, or for any other reason, stop doing SEO.

Wasting time on SEO forums, following the advice of those SEO 'gurus' and putting into practice the tricks of these experts, will make you make mistakes that are going to be very difficult to correct.

Two days ago I've got an email from someone who was desperate because after hiring some SEO services his site rankings and visits are going down, down. He wanted me to analyze his site and report him the problems. Those SEO services were doing some massive link building, artificial links and links schemes.
This is the case of many web masters who are loosing ranking and visits with the latest Google Penguin 2 update roll out.

SEO tricks are dangerous to the health of your web traffic

Especially all those tricks that go against the best practices published by Google and against common sense.

One of the strategies that has done more damage is the creation of satellite web sites, web pages that are created specifically to put links aiming directly or indirectly to other pages target.

Since link building is becoming more complicated, these schemes create artificially made links that have worked for a while, until I the latest Google algorithm update, the Penguin 2 that has brought down many pages.

The worst thing is that they had paid for SEO services and so lost money, and the worst of all, they lost traffic.

If you want a web site that works well and that will attract visitors, concentrate on building up  a good web site, and that was your intention, anyway? It's too risky to expose yourself to a penalty, simply because you are in a hurry to get results.

Natural SEO and authority

Now you cannot fool so easily the search engines as it was before, and before losing half of your business or visits, works positively on these things:
  1. A good SEO on page.
  2. Avoid duplicate content on your own web site.
  3. Create good content: if what you offer is good it will go long way, if it helps someone, somewhere it will reward you back.
These three elements help give your page authority, because you have something good to offer, and time and perseverance will bring your visits.
Natural SEO is the only way to stay when many others will be gone.

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