Debt will mar your financial freedom – Tips to keep debt at bay

Friday, April 26, 2013
Are you someone who has been continuously misusing your credit cards? If answered yes, you should immediately change your habit as you will land up in a mess in the long run if you keep on accumulating a huge amount of debts. Credit card debt is high interest debt and when you start accumulating a huge amount of debt; this will not only hurt your credit score but also take away your peace of mind. Credit score plays an important role in helping you grab good loans in the market at an affordable rate. Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to keep debts at bay so that you can seek financial freedom, you may read on the concerns of this article. Check out the financial tips to maintain a safe distance with your high interest debt.
  • Follow a frugal budget : The foremost step that you need to take is to follow a frugal budget that will do away with all the unnecessary expenses. You should learn to distinguish between needs and wants and make sure that you spend your hard-earned dollars at the necessities and postpone your luxury expenses. Follow the budget throughout the month and make the necessary changes according to the changes in the monthly income and expenses.
  • Stop digging further into debt : You should stop digging further into debt by using cash instead of credit. If you keep on using your credit cards, you will very soon drown in a sea of debt and therefore it is important for you to carry cash instead of credit so that you don’t keep digging further into debt. Eliminate the habit of taking resort to credit when you can’t afford things with cash as this is bad financial move that will lead to debt.
  • Negotiate with your creditors : If you feel that it’s useless to speak to your creditors, you’re grossly mistaken. They’re actually the best people who can help you strike a better deal with them so as to make it possible to repay your debt obligations. They will assess your present financial situation and then test the possibilities and the chances of making repayments with the adjustments.
  • Start making payments : Once you negotiate with your creditors, you have to start making the monthly payments as soon as possible so that your debt amount keeps decreasing with time. Don’t forget the due dates that the creditors offer you as this will trash your credit score in the long run. The sooner you make the monthly debt payments, the sooner you will get out of debt in the near future.
Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can get out of debt and secure a debt free living, you can take the above mentioned points into consideration. Remember that it is not only important to get out of debt but also stay out of debt to avoid incurring debt in the long run.

Create the Life you Want to Live

Monday, April 22, 2013
How can you create the life you want?

Leap forward

The biggest leap forward you can make is learning by integrating and then applying your knowledge.

Because you can read a thousand books and even write another thousand ones, but they are nothing if those concepts don't live inside yourself.

To apply these new ideas in order to live a richer life you need to free your potential just by telling yourself that you can do more, much more to achieve a higher level.
You must remove the blocks that hinder you from progressing in life and go beyond your limits.


The other important subject is money and I am not talking about being frugal or saving money, all that will help you only to a certain extent. I am talking about making more money and creating different sources of income. Start an independent business and work for yourself and think about your own projects.

Making money is so much more exciting than figuring out how to save it. It is so much more encouraging to make 100 or 1000 dollars extra by month than to reduce your expenses by 10%!

Money is not the goal in itself, but it is what serves to measure your economic success.

Self efficacy

It is impossible to live a rich life if it is not effective in the sense that you use your talents to produce value. Instead of letting the pressure of urgency and adrenaline for the last minute to push you. You are the actor and the conductor who sets the pace. Being effective is not a recommendation in our time, it is essential to navigate and succeed while having fun doing it.

If you've ever tried to set your goals, you know what I mean. It is complex to formulate correctly the objective and to make sure that it is really is a goal. And then it is complex to not procrastinate and consistently work on it.

Are you Afraid of Losing what you Have

Monday, April 15, 2013
Everyone wants to improve their lives. Some a part of it and some others would change everything from start. However fear is always the hindering element and you might find yourself submerged in a long period of dissatisfaction.

But in your career to financial freedom, what may be the biggest fear?

Fear of losing what you have

I would rather say this the other way around:

It is what we own what stops us, now that we've managed to reach a certain comfort zone where we already have material goods and known situations, for example:
  •     Money.
  •     Lifestyle.
  •     Routine.
  •     Social status and power.
  •     Relationships.
  •     Precious objects.
  •     Comfort.

And if it's really like that then the game is over, because you are valuing what you have now more than you could have.

The thing is simple: if you do not want to change things, then why you are not satisfied?

And is really that blocking that in many situations we cling to the conditions or privileges previously gained. So many prefer to see the company go down rather than considering the situation and change things.

I'm not saying that you have to be starting new things all the time and there is a time to reap what you have sown. To rework on what you started and build upon.

Are you ready to lose or to regret not having tried at all?

Have you ever approached to the girl or guy you like, but do not dare to say anything. Why? What's prevented you from speaking?

Maybe the fear of losing the image you have of yourself. Or the fear of losing the image others have of you. And you did nothing (except imagine all the possible negative scenarios why shouldn't work) and there was a wonderful opportunity just for you.

So instead of listening to the frequency of fear, maybe you can hear the frequency of regret in a good way to motivate yourself and act.

The difference between living life to the full and being a complete fool

I'm not saying you have to throw everything out the window and go crazy constantly. Trying to live life to the full does not mean acting without consideration and thinking about your steps.

I'm talking about grabbing opportunities. Be prepared, have a light heart and be ready to go through the door.

Most fears are things that never happen, without any foundation.

And most of all we must not be naive, but daring when it comes to.

The best way to successfully integrate the changes is to anticipate consequences and make small experiences and tests, investigate and give you time to mature.

Regret not having tried is one thing, regret a past situation is another.

    Between doing and not doing, choose to do it, at least you will have the experience.

    Alejandro Jodorowsky.

And if you listened to what your heart tells you, and your heart tells you to not change anything, then do not change it, but it is just not healthy to regret about it.

Otherwise, explore. You never know what you will find!

The Way of the Euro

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
The Euro brings with it a paradox.

The Euro as a single currency has provided monetary mobility for citizens of its member states.
Just remember how it was before: Spain had the peseta, France had the French franc, Germany the German mark, and so on. So every time you traveled from country to country you had to convert your money.

The Way of the Euro
But now the euro has turned the page of restrictions on the movement of capital and other difficulties of convertibility for certain currencies.

Everything happened as if the single currency had been a temporary lucky strike, thanks to low interest rates and conditions of German debt, the specialization of our economies and the reduction of the state weight .

So, the Euro has everything to bring in stability and prosperity to all European members.

Now the European Community wants to straighten things out, but the role of politicians and banks are not clear to me.

The case of Cyprus, in this respect, is very instructive: local bank bankruptcies, driven by losses on obligations of another neighbor of the euro zone default (Greece) which led to the capture of deposits and reintroduction of control of capital flows.

But Cyprus has a singularity: 30% of its capital comes from Russia and the direct action of the ECB (European Central Bank) in Cyprus is still a mystery to me.
The communist party has the majority in Cyprus.
I was just wondering, why Russia did have so much capital in Cyprus, anyway?
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