Why do You Want to Be Rich?

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Richness and abundance are not the same thing, there some people who are really wealthy and nevertheless they are much more debt slaves than you and I. Those who have great salaries and live a lifestyle of madness, creating themselves more material responsibilities.

My goals are simple, my goals are to become completely debt free and then financially free. I'm getting closer and closer to that goal.

In recent months, we have drastically reduced expenses without necessarily have to live like the poor. To reach these goals, we have performed a detailed plan that we carried out with discipline, also trying to be frugal and keeping a tighter budget control and before the end of the year we'll be able to pay one of our great debts.

Watch your wishes

I'm on the right path to get out of debt and become rich. I'm doing all the right things. But why? Why I want to be debt free? Why do I want a lot of money?

I know that intellectually money does not always bring happiness, but when we all strive to have more and more of the same stuff and sometimes we sacrifice our time with our families just to get more.

I know some who have built very successful businesses and have earned a lot of money and in the meantime they abandon their families. They wanted to be rich so wealth wiped them out.

They've got extraordinary houses and cars and yet they are alone in the world, as is the case with many celebrities.

Money issues cause major conflicts at home. For example to get out of debt: in a couple one can become a fool of frugality, while the other is a spendthrift.

So what is the point?

Say that I can achieve my goal of being completely free of debt. Then what?

What do I do with all that extra money? It would make sense to save it for retirement, right? But everything seems so superficial. It turns out that I will spend my whole life working so I can relax and do what I like the last 10-20 years of my life? Something is wrong there.

I want more purpose in my life and more sense now because time is so valuable, even so much more than money!

My purpose

My purpose is to express creativity, to write and tell others how to live financially free, at least financially secure, which I think we all deserve. Some of you have contacted me asking for advice, I do not give advice to anyone, what you read here is simply based on my experiences and observations, but I have found that this can be an inspiration to others who look for a different and better life like me.

With all this I can feel "rich", at least it gives me more satisfaction than knowing I've reduced 1000 euros of debt. But do not get me wrong, it is clear that financial freedom is the most important objective, but without a real purpose behind it doesn't really matter. Do not sacrifice your life today to get your goals.

If you are starting a business or trying to pay important debts, it is normal that at first you have to strive to build momentum, but it should not be that way all the time, not at the cost of your life, your health, your family or your integrity.


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