Do you Take Your Job Too Seriously?

Monday, March 25, 2013
Many people think that if they put all their intelligence and all their efforts, and take seriously the objectives and values ​​of the company and engage fully into the action they will achieve exceptional results.
Well, this is true and this strategy will allow them to earn more money or get a promotion, but that takes a lot of energy.

They are giving themselves more and more to their work making business life their only system beliefs.
Business life values ​​are taking the place of human values ​​and the place of family life, which is degraded.

Then negative stress begins to appear and exhaustion, health problems and a feeling of being burned-out.
Their mental and emotional system pay the price of the endless rat race.

But, did they ever wonder if life is just about that?

All that effort, years of study and preparation just to find themselves working more and more.

But who will be by their side on their deathbed? The boss? The co-workers? The customers? I think they won't give a damn!

When the working atmosphere it’s your only atmosphere

Do you take your job too seriously?
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Work environment is amazing, everyone follows the norms of the business rules that may be established or adopted by the main behavior tribe.
For example, everyone decides that the coffee machine should be in a certain place and no other. Or that no one should have plants  (or that they should have them), or that every body accepts that nobody actually says what he thinks to preserve the "good atmosphere".

In the tribe there are favorites and black sheep and when something interesting happens, a wedding or a trip, everyone open their ears to be informed.

If something less interesting happens, like somebody getting sick or somebody is quitting the company, they listen a moment and then close all their ears so that nothing will disturb the routine and good atmosphere.

There may also be a great teams who complete major projects with a great symbiosis, people who understand well each other and enjoy work.

But in fact, all this is of little importance. What is truly important is that these things occupy most of your thoughts.

You wake up thinking about what happens in your tribe work? Do you go to sleep planning meetings and work projects, wondering if you'd reach the monthly goals?

Change your attitude

You might think about changing jobs to end this situation, but frankly I don’t  think this is the solution, because you will put into practice the same schemes again and fall into the same routines.

The only solution is to change your attitude towards work now and put it in its proper place.

If you receive criticism, listen and correct things. If you get praised for something you’ve done well, say thanks and pass onto something else.

In any case, just put work in its right place. You will be much more effective and creative being calm and balanced, looking at things from the good perspective.
There you can find the answer to your questions, the real path to success, the path that maybe you were expecting to see from a long time ago.


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