Failing Until you Success by Seth Godin

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
There’s a long tradition of people having a job. I think that tradition is over. I think the model of walking up the corporate ladder is busted.
I’ve failed more times than I’ve succeeded.
If I fail more than you I win. If you get to keep playing that mean you get to keep failing and sooner or later you succeed.

People who loose don’t fail at all or they fail so big that they never get to play again.
the kind of failure people talk about is no failure at all. If you post a blog post and it doesn’t resonate with people, post another one tomorrow.

Should we jump out and take a risk?

Let’s talk about definitions:
What is a freelancer?
A graphic designer might be a freelancer. If you work as a designer you get paid for working. The more you work the more you get paid.

What is an entrepreneur?

And an entrepreneur get paid while she sleeps. They build businesses bigger than themselves and she gets paid when she is not eve there.

What is to work for a boss

Think if your boss is asking you to do a set of tasks because it is so,  they are going to find someone that is cheaper than you, which is not good.
Or if your boss is asking you to solve interesting problems and if that is the case, now you’ve got to work it out for you.

To take the appropriate risks

Failing Until You Success
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Those are risks that keep you in the game even if you fail. All great programmers learn the same way: they code something and see what the computer does. They change it and see what the computer does. They repeat the process again and again until they figure out how the box works.
They don’t get bumped out when their code doesn’t run they get chances to do it again.
It’s all about exploring and trying what it works.

How a business work

Get curious about how things work, about how a business work. School has brainwashed us to just accept it all.
Don’t ask, just listen and conform to it.
Now in this revolutionary age things are being rebuilt

Resistance and fear

How did we end up accepting this dictatorship from the system? How does it work in other countries? How has it been become the status quo?
Right now is easier to start a new business than anytime in history, the only person stopping you from starting a new business is you.
Access to marketing, access to capital, access to information have never been so easy, os take initiative, do not wait for instructions.

Comparing Japan to Singapore

Japan is in trouble because of this conformity thing is not working, it didn’t work for Sony and it didn’t work for a lot of companies, because if all you are going to do is the same as before and there isn’t somebody with a new map, it is really tough.
Singapore is just as crowded as Japan but they’ve got the freedom to invent new stuff. They are not waiting for somebody from the United States to bring the plan for them. They are taking initiative.
If you are working on an organization that doesn’t let you take even a little initiative you ought to try to get you fired.
I don’t really think that you work on an organization like that, but if you do why you are wasting today an tomorrow and the next six months doing that?
We have more degree of freedom we think of. Even if you are a waitress at a restaurant yu can figure out how to be the waitress they would miss if you are gone.
What does that costs?

Source: Notes from the interview with Seth Godin from the video "Failing until you success" (


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