6 Attitudes to Get Rich

Sunday, November 25, 2012
I would like to talk about attitude. This is what is taught in leadership: to be a leader it is to be above all giving an example.
If you see that your boss is asking you to come to work nicely dressed while he looks like a beggar his message has no weight or even worse, it discredits him.

All that we learn about leadership is very useful to become rich or to achieve financial freedom . Here's how to apply it when it comes to money. You may know what comes next, but what do you about it?

The first step is to find out what the people who are broke do (this is no shame, I was once broke too). Really do your research. Go and ask them how they do it to be broke without  judging them but listening attentively to every word. If you're broke is even simpler: you just have to watch what you are doing.

The second step is: do not do like they do.
  1.     Do not read what they read.
  2.     Do not throw the blame on those they blame on things.
  3.     Do not talk like they talk.
  4.     Do not consume what they consume.
  5.     Do not use their excuses.
  6.     Do not act like they act.

The slightest change in one of these attitudes is the best way to start. If you pay attention to it, you will realize how easy it is to do everything the opposite to what the vast majority do and there you have a chance to do it otherwise.
How are you going to change what you do not see?
It is stupid how everything begins with attitude.

And if you pay attention you will see that in 1 year, 2 years or 5 years you will look back and you will say "Wow, that was it!"

Look for good models and replace everything

  1. Read what your models read.
  2. Act like them.
  3. Understand their way of thinking.

What is your attitude towards money?

Financial Security

Friday, November 23, 2012
How dow you know if you have financial security?

Financial security is not a matter of numbers: there are those who earn 10,000 dollars a month and have more difficulties and hardness than some earning 2000 dollars who live in perfect comfort.

How is it possible?

Because they have a healthy attitude towards money.

If you're sick of:
  •     Finishing every month in negative balance
  •     Not earning enough
  •     Paying credits
  •     Suffering to save only 50 dollars per month

You need to learn what is financial security.

When you see that the use of the credit card have left a hole of 500 dollars in your bank account this will cause you shame, insecurity and frustration. This is what makes you a slave of money.

When you see that your month's earnings are 50,000 dollars instead of the 100,000 that you had planned and you show yourself aggressive, greedy and unfair towards others. This is what makes you a slave of money.

Having problems with money is the opposite of financial security. Financial security does not put its trust in money, because you fear a lack of it or because you always want more and more. Money is like sex: it is a taboo subject that nobody wants to talk about.

Very few people recognize that they have problems with money.

Changing habits about money

  • If you always buy on credit and allow financial institutions to charge you and squeeze you.
  • If you fall into the trap of "buy now and pay within three months."
  • If you fall into the trap of buy now and pay at "comfortable" deadlines.
  • If you accumulate several monthly payments on credit purchases.
  • If all this makes you reach the end of the month in negative balance numbers.
  • If you are overwhelmed by debt.

Are you wondering how to get out of it?

First try to find out why you need to buy so many things and where that impulse comes from  within you. Try to enjoy the things you already have and stop completely to buy on credit.

Change the habit of buying on credit by a new habit of paying with cash. If what you want to buy is expensive try to save money to get it. Maybe you will realize that you don't really need it after all and enjoy a more frugal life.
At the end you will be very pleased to discover that you control your money and this does not mean you can not spend it means do not spend money you haven't got.

When you ask for a loan you are loaning on your future, on the revenue that you have not yet earned to pay credits. This is money that belongs to you and you could spend it on something else. Financial security is changing habits about money.

Financial Security

Change those destructive habits of loosing by new habits about earning money, and start saving a little bit each month.
And while you rebuild your finances you will be rebuilding your life.

Kleptocracy and Sovereign Debt

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
We live in a period of great economic differences, there are countries we heard very little  about: these are the prosperous countries.

Do you know who rules in Switzerland or which is their political system?

We only hear about it when they talk about  the Swiss bank accounts that people have there. It is a peaceful country, without turbulences.

I was lucky enough to live there for a long period of time and I was impressed by these things I saw in Switzerland:
  •     The hospitality of its people.
  •     The ambience of peace and security.
  •     Prosperity.

At noon when the owners closed their shops to go for lunch they left outside their products in the street, where they had been exposed, as they went to lunch quietly.

Of course no one stole anything, no need to steal, they didn’t even locked their cars.

Well, maybe things Geneva do not go that far, but it was mainly so. It was the first place where I could start to save money for the first time and the country is so stable that to live there gives you a sense of tranquility and constant safety.


There are other countries whose system of government is kleptocracy, that is, that politics and state finances are designed by and for thieves.

The the economic power, political and judicial powers must bow down to this kleptocracy.

Kleptocracy has created a system of total domination to his subjects: the sovereign debt.

What is the sovereign debt

When a country spends more than it earns it is in deficit, then borrows by issuing sovereign debt.
Sovereign debt is the promise that you will pay your debts with real money later.

A 10-year sovereign loan is a promise to pay the money at the end of 10 years.

In this system when central banks distribute "free" money  or below its price to the banking system to buy state debt, money ceases to be a common good to form and feed the kleptocratic class.

This began with the deregulation of the 80s, this paradigm is based on the idea that growth has to come from debt.


The background of deregulation comes down to this: it gives the banking and financial system in general the opportunity to take, for example, a unit of surplus wealth from production resources or from savers. This unit becomes its benefits to increase back their capital.

This increase multiplied by the leverage effect of debt by the bank, say up to 12 units, allows the creation of an additional credit over 12 times the original unit at the cost of the tax on the productive economy.

The source of the fund comes from the deviation of money as a common good, the possibility that the banking system can collect revenue from traders, workers and savers and returning it multiplied in the form of credit.

Deregulation has in itself the seeds of greed and insolvency.

Get out of debt

The first step to reach a real solution to this is to stop spending more than it comes in and stop basing the production of capital on this kind of "artificial" money.

Another main step to find a real solution is to make laws that control these unethical practices and to make productivity come from real creativity and not limit it by the dominance of the central banks that are so fond of certain politicians.

If I wanted to explain all this is to encourage you to work for your own future acting from the present now and working for your prosperity.

Save money and if you want to buy something make it a saving project until you have the money to pay it in cash.

Do you see what sovereign debt is? A complete nonsense!

But you are smarter and finer than all that and instead of paying high interest rates and work for others, work only for yourself, your family and those who love you.

Make Money and Learn

Saturday, November 10, 2012
How to make more money and learn at the same time? What is the relationship between learning and making more money?

The desire to learn is self-esteem based. When we don’t know something we do recognize a new limit unless you take it as a challenge to grow in the dynamics of learning.
What we do not know yet or what we have not learned yet, rekindles old failures: the exam I did not understand, the diploma I failed to get ..

But do we have to know everything and learn everything? Surely not! If the fact of recognizing my limits reduced or hurt my self esteem is because learning has to be selective and directed, it has to be a focused process.

What I should I learn then?

First of all that contributes to my self development and personal self esteem: a foreign language, music, maths .. whatever seems good to me!
And the second thing is to learn anything that allows me to earn more money: SEO, marketing, finance, personal growth ..
Obviously the two roads meet.

To learn about what we like to increase our self-esteem is the foundation of our development. No personality is built without a true self. The fact of believing that somehow we’ll reach the goal or find the solution to a particular problem is possible only with good self-esteem based on knowledge, on what we have learned.

Now remember, that mistakes are part of learning, it is valuable information to continue and go on. How many times do I have changed my web project? Well, I hope not many more now that I have an specific purpose.

The ability to make money

Remember that financial education is needed to achieve financial stability by working less.

Working without learning is doomed to make little money.
The moment you have enough self-esteem to advance and get an understanding of the world around you then you're ready to make more money.
And how will I earn more money? Because I understand the world around me better than most people and because I’m worth of it.

Let's see: if I'm the head of a business rather than look for a technical training, I’ll see the way to understand the world around my company and the way to grow the people within it. The vision of my company is closely related to the understanding of the environment surrounding my company, this is the mechanism that makes it earn money.

Work smarter and work less

When we do not understand our environment we are willing to blindly believe in appearances that prevent us from increasing revenues.
For example, if someone says in your company: things go wrong now, this year we should not ask for a pay raise.
But if you really want to learn to assess the situation yourself and what was your contribution and your knowledge and your self-esteem you can make them understand your point of view.
And to ignore about personal finance will costs you money: paying more for the car, credit card and banking services.

Being rich does not necessarily mean getting more revenue

I can get the same income by working less?

Then I'm richer. But it is my personal lifestyle that can give me what I want. To exit the scheme of traditional full-time job I have to learn to know how to improve my situation, to better use and develop my potential to get constant profit.

This is the key to the path to financial independence: progress and learn constantly.

Frugality will not Make You Rich

Saturday, November 3, 2012
Frugality creates a sense of scarcity.

You've probably heard that to be rich you have to be frugal and keep a kind of spartan life style squeezing cents.
It is a trend in now the U.S., get all discount coupons as possible and always borrow things.
Sell ​​your possessions, and buy only generic brands and always be deprived of everything that is considered a luxury.
Well, this is fine for a limited period of time or if you are overwhelmed by debts and creditors are chasing you and the bank too.

But you see, by always living a very frugal lifestyle with a mean and lean spirit you're telling your subconscious that you are always poor, what are you saying to your spirit?
We're saying that there is nothing, no resources, wealth and prosperity that you will always be poor. It is a message of scarcity and constant need.
I know that you will say this: after all you've written about frugality, spend less and invest the rest and all the rest, now you say you do not have to be frugal and go the opposite way?

You have to balance things of course! Now, if you pass in front of a flower shop and see the most beautiful bouquet of flowers there for the woman you love: buy it!

The question is that frugality as a lifestyle is part of a strategy in limited periods of time, for example if your account is in the very low numbers and you have a lot of debts, then get out of the trap first, because having many debts keeps you from living in peace and makes you a work slave.

After all, it is much more creative and interesting to invent new ways to make money than sacrifice your self and your family to see how to save it.

Just balance things, love is first, obsession is craziness.. and life is so beautiful!

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