Do I have to Pay for Information?

Thursday, September 20, 2012
I firmly believe in the principle that you have to give to receive. If you are selling your products or services it is a good thing to share part of it to promote it or because you  want to share that part out of pure generosity. That part only, not all.

That which is received without giving loses value, it is a subconscious symbolic gesture.

The great Jodorosky gives free sessions every month in Paris at the Cafe Le Temeraire, he charges one symbolic euro for each of these sessions, it is only one euro but you are paying something for it.

But the idea that we can get all the information for free via the Internet may be hindering you from getting the best right now.

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"Yes, I need training but why should I will pay if I can get it for free on the Internet?"

And free advice is the most expensive advice in the end, so people who practice this idea are stagnated at the same point  and not progressing at all.

After a year they will be there on the same stpot and 10 years later it will be the same.

Do I have to pay to get information?

Well, not always, especially if you're starting out, but there will come a point where those who are better informed than you will take advantage.

Search for people who have achieved it and succeeded in their projects, how they have done it? They probably got a course or a book that inspired them, whatever ..

The idea that you can not trust in one specialized information because thay are selling it to you may be blocking you from getting significant training and go to next step.

Sell ​​your products

Maybe your are thinking about selling your own products or other’s through an affiliate system.

Do you think that people would buy them? Have you bought the tools to do the job?

If you want to create a great product you have to do it with the best possible tools.
Do you think you will always get these tools for free?

Well, do not go to the extreme and buy everything or you see of course, all I’m saying is that we need so see balance with money flux, money coming in as well as money coming out in balance.
Hopefully a positive balance to your favor.

Give Yourself All The Chances To Win

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Make your money work for you and give yourself all the chances to win.
Some people wait all through their lives for a winning ticket from some game that will come to change everything.
Every week they spend lots of money to multiply their chances to win.
And they always go through the same cycle that happens at least once a week:
  • Expectation
  • Emotion
  • Deception
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I'm not saying that buying a ticket is a bad thing, but it is the dependence from it that becomes a bad teacher because you are learning to wait that good things come to your life through a random event instead of giving yourself all the chances by working towards your goals. That is quite a passive attitude.

Invest for benefits

Let's say that someone spends 200 dollars/month on gambling tickets, we are going to calculate how much money will return investing the same amount on a 5 years compounded interest plan at a 6% rate. This is a basic investment with annually compounded rate of return.

So with $1200/year for a 5 years period at 6% return will give $ 8,370.38 if you are making a $1,200 additions at the end of the year.

Here is a quick reminder of the compound interest formula:


FV- Future value
P - Initial investment
r - rate return
n - time period

So I hope this little calculation will encourage you to make money.
1,200 x 6 years= $6,000
8,370.38 - 6,000= $2,370.38

That is, your money is working for you now.

You can go further

You can go even further if you take a beside activity or a new project that will add an extra income to your revenue.

Do you want money?

Take an extra step to make it, that little first income coming from your own ideas or activities are like gold because they are yours and not someone else's. It is a child of your imagination and that is why we are here on earth: to exercise our power to create.
It is a wonderful experience in a mysterious and beautiful world, so do not miss it and act now.

Why do We Have Money Problems?

Saturday, September 15, 2012
I would better say why do we have problems with money?

We haven’t learned what to do with money when we have a lot or when we have very little.

Therefore it is very important to teach children the true value of money and what it is: it is a tool that we must learn to use, we should neither fear nor adore it, but just learn how to use it.

People talk about their money problems every day: how to earn enough or to earn more, how to spend or save, how to budget or how to invest in a troubled market. They complain about they can’t do because of lack of money.

But they talk very rarely about their problems with money and the two things go together.

To effectively solve money problems we have to deal with problems with money.

Do we have a healthy relationship with money?

It's all about seeing how this mechanism works and how to fix things that sometimes are in the subconscious or in the field of the emotions.

Problems with money have to do with our psychic life, the stories of our lives and the historical and social context in which we evolved and our experiences that have made us what we are.

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Each situation that has to do with money has emotional effects on us: the money we had when we were children and what we have learned about it. All that form a system belief that is reflected in the state of our bank accounts.

And so we can define these different problems:
  • The financially anorexics : they do not want or cannot get money.
  • The greedy: who accumulate money and block its circulation.
  • Big spenders: spending without measure to compensate for a lack of esteem.
  • The money addicts: those who confuse money with success and use every possible mean  to get it.

These are pathologies that we need to work on, feel free to send any comments and tell us how  you do about these things

A Mindset of Abundance

Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Do not confuse wealth with greed. Greed always wants more and more and do not appreciates what you already have. Abundance recognizes the true value of things and recognizes that we can create that value if you want and when you want.

Do you criticize those who are rich?

If you are on the road to financial freedom what is your attitude when you see that others have reach it?

When you see that others have got it does it make you anger or jealous to see that others have abundance?

Do you criticize people who have money or do you think that it's wrong to be rich?

And don’t you think that to criticize what you want to be is contradictory? How will you create a mindset of abundance?

Abundance has no limits

Only our personality has limits and to understand the creative act is to see the truth clearly and truly acquire an abundance mentality.
An important key is to get rid of what you really don’t need and put your wishes in harmony with what you really want. Start appreciating what you already have and you will live in abundance right now.

If you lack things or money is because you’ve call yourself that teacher in your life. Do not close your eyes to the shortages that could come, rather integrates in that feeling of need, live it, accept it, learn the lesson and move on to focus your power to create the wealth you already have.

What is an abundance mindset

Some think that abundance is a manifestation of unlimited extravagance, like wearing Rolex watches and drive a two million euros Ferrari. And this may well be temporary to soon discover that these things do not really fill you up.

Abundance is joy, happiness ... and these things have nothing to do with numbers in your bank account but the numbers of your bank account will come up along with it.

What brings you true happiness is to appreciate what is good in your life accepting and cherishing yourself. Finances can go up or down but you will not be tied to that. Everything you do comes from within and has to be in joy and freedom.

For me personally what makes me happy is being able to express my creativity and transmit it, I just love writing and that simple thing makes me happy.

And here's a little secret that will always give you a mindset of abundance: the more you appreciate the lessons you’ve learned in your scarce time the faster it will move you away from it because you won’t need to learn the same thing twice.

Therefore be happy, enjoy Copyright © 2012 - 2013 - Powered by Blogger