How to Improve Your Financial Situation

Monday, December 10, 2012
We are near the end of 2012 and I am reviewing all the positive changes. As for the negative things I take them as lessons from which to learn to move forward more wisely.

Take control

Or better to say: take responsability. This year we have reduced the negative balance in our bank account to make it disappear. We have decided to just offer chocolate as Christmas gift for the adults.

I've been checking our bank account online at least once a week to reduce and control spenses.

The result is that we have come to end of the month in positive balance, which has not happened for a long time, maybe years, so that we will not pay extra bank fees.

Bank overdraft fees are that money that banks make you pay when you have not enough money just to sink you more into debts.

We were tired of working for the bank and working to pay credits. We also have a plan to pay off all debts, which is already in its way. And a savings plan, which is already well in its way too.

The thing was to get out of that behavior where you swim in comfort hoping that things are going to come to you by themselves, like apples falling from a tree right into your hands.

But no, we had to claim 1000 euros to the tax service that they wanted to charge us by error and we fixed the issue.

We have changed our phones fees we work with the new Free Operator and now we only pay 19 euros/month. This has made us about 120 euros in savings each month.

More things you can do to improve your financial situation

  1. Negotiate the interest rate: if you have a current credit, ask to review the interest rate, see if you can you lower it down.
  2. Cancel subscriptions: reviews all subscriptions, insurance and fees you do not need and call them to cancel everything. Perhaps it is just 5 euros but is your money and you are tring to stop all leaks.
  3. Ask for a raise: If you worked to increase the turnover of your company directly or indirectly, you can use this as an argument to demand a wage increase, at least try!
  4. Learn Finances: Get at least the basics and if you invest in financial products and study them well, read the contract before signing.
Lately everyone wants more money, but how many are willing to take care of it?

How do you think the rich have become rich? It is because they have learned to use money, to reclaim it when needed, to spend it wisely without wasting, to invest it to make it work for them and even to give it in a controlled way.

It's all about acting and not let things go

Some people do not check their bank accounts and thay just wait a call from the bank to find out that they have no money.

Remember that your time and your effort are equal to money. Money is a common good, and if you treat it well you will take the first step toward your freedom: financial security.


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