The Three Types of Savings

Monday, October 1, 2012
How do you control your financial future? Do you save money every month?
"Save? I would really like to but I can't! I will start to save in three months ..."

Most people earn xxxx dollars a month and then: pay the electricity, water, gas, food, insurance, Internet fee, mobile phone, going out, cinema .. and if they are lucky at the end the month and there is a little extra money left then they save a little.

With this way of functioning you are enriching everyone except yourself! But to save 1000 euros as emergency fund is necessary to be confident in the everyday it is the first step towards your financial security even if you have debts.

The three types of savings

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To establish a consistent savings plan you've got these types: savings in the short, medium and long term.

Short-term savings

This is saving for the unexpected and for yearly needs like: car repairs, home appliances, taxes, vacation ... To make sure your savings plan works best is better to schedule a monthly transfer from your main bank account and if it possible open a savings account online because just with Internet access you can control your movements and because is much more cheaper.

Obviously right amount depends on your personal and professional situation if you have children you will have to provide higher amounts of course.

Medium-term savings

For goals between 5 and 15 years, for example to give down payment to buy a home, to pay for the education of your children, prepare a great trip ...

Long-term savings

The long-term life plan represents more than 15 years like preparing for retirement, for example, or even better: your early retirement financial independence.

Visualize these three types of savings as three baskets.

There must always be money in those baskets sticking to the initial goal, we must not take the money to buy a house project to buy a car instead, for example.

So save, perhaps just 20 dollars a month for a start if you've never done it and you will create the new habit of saving money for you which some call the habit to pay yourself first.


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