Slave of Poverty

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
When you focus on concrete needs you become a slave of poverty...

    .. Once he reviewed  his life, he got conscience that the only time that he wasn’t poor were the years where he did not have concrete needs. And it became clear that poverty is a state of being and his concrete needs overwhelmed him.

Sayings of Don Juan, from the books of Carlos Castaneda.

And Don Juan explained when he’d lost the feeling of detachment and of freedom, he also lost abundance.

Money and abundance are a little bit as a couple: if you stick too much you lose your inner independence and lose important objectives in your life and that’s the beginning of problems.
But Don Juan had to have abstract needs or goals of freedom and then money and abundace came in automatically.

To make money do not get obsessed with money

And the fact that you get obsessed with every new cent, with every new earned dollar, makes you turn your search of the Holy Grail of the financial freedom into a banal way of materialism.

And on the other hand there are those who get obsessed so much with  saving and living a frugal life that they turn the way to economic freedom into hell.


After all it is better not to get obsessed with anything but: which is the correct attitude?
It is not  a question of confusing detachment with lack of concern and negligence.

You have to be careful and take the responsibility  to live a better life and not waste it. Negligence and obsession are two forms of materialistic slavery, there are those who are really  poor even having fabulous income but they live as real slaves.

There are those who worry about not having enough to fulfill their minimal daily needs, these also are poor.

Make your life simple

And keep yourself from having so many things as they impose you by the mass media: just disobey, you don’t have to do exactly as  the others do, nor to buy exactly the same things as all the others just because it is trends or fashion.

But this is necessary to do it without resignation or sacrifice, but just because all those things are not important anymore, because we are heading to more valuable and more lasting things.

One of these things can be the freedom of living without credits and without paying exaggerated interests rates that hinder our freedom of choice.

What really counts is our perception of things ... what we really want from the bottom of  ourselves.

When was the last time that you did something that really you wanted to do, without being concerned with the opinion of others and without waiting for the approval of the others?

When will be the next time that you will do it?

Why the Rich Get Richer

Thursday, October 25, 2012
Why do the rich get richer and the poor remain poor?

What do your coworkers talk about?

Poker, football, ...and all kinds of critics and gossip and if you happen to talk about money, personal finances or a different way of life they look at you as if they were seeing an alien.

In the mean time they play the game of running after the carrot without ever reaching the goal, like in the rat race, as if work were a god and the only visible target.

Is a rich person smarter than you, or more beautiful than you?

Of course not! But it is a person who just know the tax laws, knows how to pay less taxes and get taxes exemptions and if he doesn’t know he will pay a counselor who knows. He sees the opportunities, rather than complain about the crisis, and is always searching for new business opportunities and buy assets cheaply.

This is my advice: learn personal finances, learn how it works and control your money.

Why does a football player make so much money?

Because they are smart, because his career "only" lasts until age 35, because they have the gift of speech? no!
Simply because there are millions of eyes that look at them! They make their living from the mass effect, that's all and they don’t even need to be the best on the field.

You have the right to not like it, and even to desire to forbid it .. I know how easy it is to design an enemy, a face, a profession that bother us.

Our boss has fired himself, he has earned enough millions and is retired from the game, he has become really rich! And that gives us something to do something to criticize to give us the impression that we are right and above everyone else so we don’t have to question ourselves and our own lives.

You can be right or get rich, that's up to you, and when I speak not necessarily of having millions to be wealthy.

Wealth is a state of mind that is inside you

There are certain conversations which are monologues, in which you can not convince anyone nor be right, be vigilant and keep your eyes open, the poor and their "good" counsels are everywhere and while they talk about their banalities I think of riches and the abundance that I have in the middle of this world.

Those who live a life of wealth are truly discrete and think in a completely different way and they don’t need to convince others with their beliefs to always be right, they just have the courage to be true to their own ideas and have the courage to live them.

What do you think?

Make Money with your Blog with Few Visits

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to make money online with your blog with few visits increasing the revenue per page

Many have thought about creating a blog to make money online to work from home to generate extra income.

But very few get to create a blog of authority and get many visits each month. The reason is simple: it requires hard work, quality and consistency so after a couple of months they get tired of writing and promoting the blog.

But there are others who work 10 hours each day to get more visitors and earn more money online with ads and banners.

Some people also take from their spare time to write and comment on other blogs to attract more visitors and they get no more than a few dozen visits a day.

How much money you get for every person who visits your page

Say you have 10,000 visitors a month and you have earned 150 dollars with banners and advertising. We are going to figure out how much money you make per visitor.

Just divide 150/10000 = 0.015

This means that every visitor to your website makes you win 0.015 cents.

How much money you want to make with your website each month

Say your goal to get financial freedom is 1500 dollars a month, but making 0,015 for each visitor,  how many visits you need to achieve your goal?

Divide 1500/0, 015 = 100 000, you need 100 000 visitors per month to get 1500 dollars.

Here we’ve got two problems:

    The conversion rate is not very good.
    The income earned by each visit is very low.

How to increase the income per visit

What if you are very far from reaching even 10000 visits each month? It may take a couple of years to establish the blog and give it confidence and authority. Time has much to do with your succes: the time spent and a job well done is what gives importance to your website.

We said that we’ve got now € 0.015 per visit so we will study two tactics to improve it even if you have less than 10000 visits.

Increase the number of clicks per visit

You may be able to do better optimizations and place banners and ads, as long as you won’t hinder user experience.

To make money online you have to win the user, the user is first. Remember that the user is a customer and should not be abused by putting  intrusive advertising everywhere that will make him/her return no more to your site.

You have a golden opportunity to win a customer, and if your site is good they will stay forever.
Because you  created your page thinking about people,  isn't it? and to communicate things that are important to you and that is why your blog is a blog impeccable and with authority.

Well, if after all the improvements you get your income up to 0.03 cents per visit, now see how many visits we need to achieve our goal of 1,500 dollars per month: 1500/0, 03 = 50 000 visits.

And how much would you get now with 10000 hits? .03 X10000 = 300 dollars.

With these modifications so optimistic we managed to double the amount earned through advertising. You see that the only solution for the moment to increase more this extra income is to reach 50,000 visits, which is in itself possible, but it will require more time and more work.

Diversify your income sources

How we're going to make more money with the traffic we have now? A wonderful day you decide to create and sell your own products online.

You can make a training video on a topic that you are expert, or selling languages courses, advice on finances, .. anything that is really well done.

If you sell a product for 30 dollars and create a good script to sell it your conversion rate can reach 3%,
You can create your own products you can always sell the other as an affiliate and earn a commission but it must be a product in which you believe and have tried.

The best is to create your own products, because you would get a full return of the money from each sale, after all selling as an affiliate is working for the business of another but it is obviously an option as good as any other, it’s all up to you.

People who earn more money with blogs are those who sell products

You are selling your product and your sales pitch is so well written that you sell 3 products every 100 visits coming to your blog. With 3 x 30 = 90 dollars per 100 visits we are having a conversion rate of 3% and an income of 0.90 dollars per visit.

We have a 3000% increase in income earned per visit.
The big bloggers have already learned how to make money online, those who earn more than 4 or 5 figures a month are selling products or services on your page. Some of them have been removed and other advertising and banners. Logically I consider that advertising is very important especially for starters, it gives you extra income and helps you continue on your project while you consolidate other entries and money.
Your website is your business

Bloggers are entrepreneurs and they really treat their blog as their business and users as their customers, so you have to look for good business strategies while you are giving the best of yourself, because after all you are the only end product yourself throughout your excellence.

So, what you have to offer that is different?

Something that gives value, solutions, services ..and people will come looking for you and pay the price in just return,  both sides win.

And you, you want to make money with your blog?

Do you think sales are a bad thing?

Saturday, October 13, 2012
Do you think sales are bad?
To have a bad image of sales when you are independent is simply suicidal.

I know it because I myself am striving for financial freedom and I plan to sell my own products to be independent.
But the word "sales" has a negative connotation here in Europe. Ah! That marketing people always trying to sell you something, like if it were some kind of dirty thing.

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To have a bad image of sales when you are an employee of a company is just like spitting on your soup. Through what will your salary be paid to you each month? Thanks to the sales forces in your company, who spend their time on the road, on the phone or in a customer’s office and which are in contact with the aggressiveness of indecision, the turnarounds, the complaints and what not coming from customers (because the products that you have made do not make the road!).
"No, no, no, sales, frankly ... it is not for me ..... ". But it is because "they" do the (dirty) job of selling what you have designed or manufactured so that you get your paycheck at the end of the month!

Finally, the only ones who would not be concerned are officials and government employees, providing that there is not a competing offer in the private sector that surpasses them.

When you don’t like sales it is often because you cannot sell yourself because of your lack of self esteem or your own products either

Do you want to live in this world? Respect those who sell, it is hard work!

The Three Types of Savings

Monday, October 1, 2012
How do you control your financial future? Do you save money every month?
"Save? I would really like to but I can't! I will start to save in three months ..."

Most people earn xxxx dollars a month and then: pay the electricity, water, gas, food, insurance, Internet fee, mobile phone, going out, cinema .. and if they are lucky at the end the month and there is a little extra money left then they save a little.

With this way of functioning you are enriching everyone except yourself! But to save 1000 euros as emergency fund is necessary to be confident in the everyday it is the first step towards your financial security even if you have debts.

The three types of savings

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To establish a consistent savings plan you've got these types: savings in the short, medium and long term.

Short-term savings

This is saving for the unexpected and for yearly needs like: car repairs, home appliances, taxes, vacation ... To make sure your savings plan works best is better to schedule a monthly transfer from your main bank account and if it possible open a savings account online because just with Internet access you can control your movements and because is much more cheaper.

Obviously right amount depends on your personal and professional situation if you have children you will have to provide higher amounts of course.

Medium-term savings

For goals between 5 and 15 years, for example to give down payment to buy a home, to pay for the education of your children, prepare a great trip ...

Long-term savings

The long-term life plan represents more than 15 years like preparing for retirement, for example, or even better: your early retirement financial independence.

Visualize these three types of savings as three baskets.

There must always be money in those baskets sticking to the initial goal, we must not take the money to buy a house project to buy a car instead, for example.

So save, perhaps just 20 dollars a month for a start if you've never done it and you will create the new habit of saving money for you which some call the habit to pay yourself first. Copyright © 2012 - 2013 - Powered by Blogger