Willpower to Change Things

Sunday, August 26, 2012
Sometimes it happens that I get discouraged when I have a hard day and my goals seem distant. There are just days that seem to be less inspiring than others because the struggle has been long and the rewards are less evident.. or just because pure human weakness.

What can you do on a day like this? Who can work in these conditions? If you have no motivation, maybe you should take a break to behold your own sadness, to sleep a little bit or watch TV to evade yourself.

But, is it better to escape from reality or to take responsibility and accept the moment you're living right now?

Act according to your convictions not according to your feelings

When things go wrong I try to decide to act on the vision I've had, it is like being faithful to the commitment to myself that goes beyond any state of mind or mood in which I may find myself.

In this case I try to separate feelings from the way I've decided to take. It seems difficult, but look at it this way: feelings are momentary but you way and goals are always there.
You can get discouraged, but you will not be discouraged for ever.

There is something I enjoy immensely about Mozart's life when he was saying that he did not wait to feel inspired to work. Mozart did not wait for a muse to whisper to his ear the musical notes to write.

Mozart was always working and then inspiration came along.
His work is so amazingly perfect and we know that he had hard times too. Fortunately for us and because of his willpower he left us a remarkable legacy and a work so extensive despite his short existence.

But you will tell me:

- "I'm not Mozart".

Neither Mozart knew that he was Mozart at that moment ..

How to develop willpower


You've go to focus your energy on a target and attack against the weakest point until the problem will crack and then you can go all the way to overcome it completely. You have to choose the initial goal and create a plan of attack and execute it quickly without thinking.

Willpower will bring out the passion in you and with discipline it will be easy  to act under any circumstances and this will become a habit.

Consistent hard work and effort always give good results .. But if at any time you feel sad or discouraged, accept it and live for a moment just long enough to transform it, but do not stay there!

Remember the horse from The Never Ending story film? He died sunk in the swamp of sadness, it was going down, down, down till the end, so do not stand there because there is nothing to gain!

Willpower to change things

If you feel sad, angry, discouraged .. maybe it's a sign that things must change. One of the things may be your environment, be more selective with people around you. Start a plan to change things and give priority to those who are a boost for you.

Remember: to win something or to be something you have to become that something.
A choice that you can make with a little bit of willpower.


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