What is Your Level of Freedom

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Do you decide where to live, with whom you live and how you spend your time? What is your level of freedom?

Level 1: You can not decide how to spend your time

Someone asked me recently at work what was my opinion about the social differences between men and women in our modern society. You see, this kind of the question is a tricky question that can not be answered easily without causing friction over differences of opinion.

I had answered that the true social difference in this world is between people that can go on vacation without having to ask permission for it and being the decision makers in all they do and all the others that need to ask permission for everthing.

The others work 40 hours a week for 40 years to obtain a minimal retirement amount, a tip payed at the very final period of life for having commited all of their life to society.
This is a system in which we all participate just because we have accepted it, but this is the real discrimination and a form of modern slavery.

I firmly believe that financial freedom is for all who want to have it and all who strive to achieve it.

But for now you have to ask permission to go on vacation and justify any absence from work, even half an hour to go and drink a coffee.

Neither you can decide the geographical location where you want to work and live unless your company allows geographical mobility.

Your job has many demands all the time and you are constantly answering these requests from others by phone, email and everything else and you think you are indispensable.

Please do not believe in the illusion that you are indispensable and that the company can not operate without you.

Level 2: You can choose how to manage of your time

And you can take time for you just by preventing that you will be away for a certain period. But preventing is not the same as asking for permission.

You can also decide where you will work at least part time and you can organize and keep things up to date while working at a distance.

You've started your own business or system in parallel with your work and expect to make at least as much money as your salary to jump out by yourself.

Level 3: You manage your time freely with very few limitations

Ah, life is beautiful, you make a living with passive income that supports your real activity is and you manage your time freely respecting only very small obligations.

You spend time doing the things you love without forgetting to study how to make new investments that will make your way to financial freedom a way of no return.

What do you think? What do you think is your level of freedom?


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