Living Without Credit Cards

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
It is hard to live without debts nowadays as publicity and marketeers are constantly bombarding you with buy credit card messages.

How would your life be without debts and credits?

First, you will get peace of mind knowing that you owe to no one and second you can start your passive income project to get financial freedom.

Pay cash as much as you want
Credit and visa card push you to spend without control. When you are paying stuff via innocent credits your money expenses start going out of control, but can try a new way to buy things.
Decide what you want and set your self a saving goal to buy it. Let’s say you want a new TV that costs 600 euros, then you can set aside 140 euros/month and you will have it in four months. You will be paying by cash at no interest rate.
You are going to say: Yes but, what if I want a car. Perhaps for some really big things you will have to finance it, but you can always advance an amount to reduce monthly payments and interest.

Leave your credit car at home

Leave your credit card at home
Try this for awhile take some money in your wallet ad leave all those cards at home. Just for some time, the time necessary to learn a new habit.
If you don’t know how much money to take make a monthly budget and divide it in four parts then you will know how much to take by week.
Remember that this is an exercise to learn a new habit to control your money and reduce expenses.

Keep one credit card only

Or at least reduce the number of them as credit cards are expensive even if you don’t use them so you will save lots of money that way too.
But the main reason to keep one single credit card is because it is very hard to control expenses when you’ve got a bunch of them.

Why you should live without credit cards

Because you are expending money that you haven’t got, expending money that you owe not your own money that’s why debs are the opposite to investment and prosperity.
To get financial freedom you need a new mind set of prosperity with money coming in from passive income, investments, your projects and whatever, making your money work for you not the opposite!


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