Writing Ebooks in Spanish

Saturday, March 8, 2014
Writing is my passion and I've already published two ebooks in spanish. The spanish ebook market is growing fast since 2011 with Amazon Spain's opening and the prices of readers being so much cheaper.

Amazon marketing people are really smart and selling readers under 100 dollars has boosted the market because it makes it a great investment in the long run, as you can read many more books which are also cheaper than their paper version that can be easily carried everywhere.
They've have seen where people needs are. People like reading stories, manuals, novels or poetry. People like reading for fun more and more, and literary books are getting behind.

Now many spanish writers (including myself) have come to the self-publishing adventure and you don't have to be a Nobel prize winner to get there.
Well, that doesn't mean you can publish with no quality at all. Bad quality ebooks will get your reputation down in the long run, and your sales with it.

Writing books in spanish will open the door for you for the new spanish emerging ebook market which includes Spain and all South American countries (that makes more than 500 millions readers).
For this reason if you've got an ebook that sells well, consider translating it to internationalize it.

Spanish literature "crisis" and the wonderful opportunity

Writing ebooks in spanish
Photo credit [Stuart Miles] http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

I think that a part of the literary genre written in the last 30 years in spanish is mostly boring. Some authors think only about their intellectual incomprehensible thing, instead of writing exciting stories or useful stuff for the public.
Intellectual or depressive writing style and expensive paper book price have ruined the market.

A few years ago I was invited to a literary group meeting to present my novel and poetry and when I had my turn to read my writings aloud I was criticized, they said to me:
"You haven't read enough in your life, you could never write a book".
All that because I've read more technical books than literary books at that time.

Well, I wish they could see what I have done now; I've written more than 400 articles and two books.
I'm writing my first english book now  and continuing my third book in spanish and I didn't listen to them of course!
When you start writing it is normal to get critics.
But lo and behold we have now a wonderful opportunity with all the self-publishing platforms. There are new writers that are getting a great success and now it's the time to get your share in this developing market.

Money Can Buy You Time

Thursday, February 20, 2014
When you understand the real value of money then it can buy you time, and money is neither good nor bad it's just what you make of it what matters.
Now is the time to learn how to handle money to serve our better goals and spend you time as you want.
When you save money it's like you are borrowing it to the bank and it will pay you interests, this is positive interest working for you.
The opposite is asking for credits and loans, then negative interest are working against you.
Which way will you choose?
You can read the rest of this post I wrote in BadCredit.org

Conversations with A Millionaire. The Wise Man and the Cities

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
J.M. became a millionaire in the early eighties and today he is a billionaire. We used to get together just to talk and had long hours of conversation. One day I asked him:
'How did you succeed with your business?'
'I played my cards, I took the risk and I won', he answered.
'And having so much money how do you know who are your real friends?'
'There are many who come to me by interest', he said, 'and I know it. I'm just aware of it when I deal with them, my real friends are few, the ones I really cherish.'

The tale of the wise man and the cities

A wise man was sitting at the door of the city and many people came to him to hear his answers and sayings. One day a group of travelers came to him to ask questions.
'How is this city? Are its people kind? Is this a prosperous and safe place to live?'

'I will answer your question', said the wise man, 'but first just tell me: how is the city where you come from?'

'The city where we come from is a nice place', they said, 'its people are kind and the whether is sunny. We can buy and sell our goods with safety and there is music and songs in the air.'

'And so it is in this city, so it is', the wise man said.

Later on another group of people came to him seeking his wisdom.
'How is this city?', they asked. 'Are its people kind? Is this a prosperous and safe place to live?'

'How is the city you come from?', the wise man said.

'The city we come from is gray and its people are unkind. It is a cold place to live and we don't feel safe there.'

'And so it is in this city, so it is', the wise man said.

I lived in a horrible city and I didn't know about it

Image courtesy of [koratmember] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

As you can see the wise man gave two different answers to the same question, this is because sometimes we don't see things as they are but as we are.
The first time I met my millionaire friend I was very young and I lived in a city where its people were not kind, but he never told me about it.

Well, things were fantastic for me at the time because I was experiencing freedom and meeting people that are connected to me for the rest of my life.
The thing is: I didn't know that it was a horrible city and to me it was a wonderful place, and it was!
30 years later I keep the sweet memories in my mind of a city by the seashore, surrounded by wonderful forests, where everybody said 'Hi' to a very young woman, a stranger whom they've adopted so well.

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